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Kyrlig Aleksey Stepanovich

   Director, Mechanization Department No. 1.
   Born in 1958, in Kzyl-Ordinskaya oblast. Married, with two children: a daughter (1981) an a son (1987).
   In 1984 graduated from the Moscow College of Measurements attached to the State Standartization Office.
   In 2000 graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technical University with a speciality “machine building technology”.
   A post-graduate student of the Technical University.
   His labour activity began in MD-1 as a tower crane operator. In 1988 became a foreman of tower cranes operation section.
   Since 1997 - the director of MD-1.
   Participated in reconstruction of Leninakan town, house-building for oilmen and gasmen in Urengoy; built cantonments in Belarus and Tver and many objects in St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast.
   Have preserved a stable work-team, gradually increasing output and expanding business activity, actively cooperating with leading St. Petersburg companies: DSK-3, Lenspetssmu, Stroymontazh, Unisto.
   In 2000 was awarded with the sign “Honoured Russian Builder”.
   Hobbies: music, fishing, hunting.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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