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Highday Victor Jurjevich

   President of the Scientific-Humanitarian Firm PETERLEN, author and head of the Social-Ecological International Project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD", academician, doctor of philosophy, professor of ecological strategy.
   In recent times - a senior Navy officer. Born in 1945, Russian. Had only positive reports during the service.
   The distinguishing features: exceptional intelligence, easily operates strategic concept categories, excellent analyst and good psychologist, communicable, emotionally stable, tidy, consistent, obstinate while achieving his goal, attentive to other people opinion, but professionally independent while decision-making, reliable, amiable, possesses strong will and self-control, distinguishes by rapid response and developed intuition, easily orientates in difficult situations, while serving was in excellent form - a specialist in hand-to-hand fighting, parachute training and sailing with, master of sports.
   Hereditary officer (in 12th generation), he values family traditions. Has high moral culture and self-respect. Man of honour. Leader by nature. Exceptional personality. Does not make a parade of his personal qualities. Has been working at the Project for about ten years.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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