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Hachatryan Saribek Saakovich

    General director of "Plastpolymer" company, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Born on March 22, 1938 in Erevan. Graduated from Erevan Polytechnical Institute with a degree in Chemical Cybernetics. Worked as the director of the Erevan branch of "Polymer." Saribek Hachatryan was the first chemist at the Ministry of Chemical Industry in the field of polyvinyl plastics. He has written 8 brochures and monographs concerning this area of research and over 200 articles, which were published in Russia and abroad. He also has over 70 certificates of invention. Worked as the general director of "Polyvinilacetate", and headed the department of strategic planning of "Technochim", which had united all chemical and oil enterprises of St. Petersburg and its region from 1990 until 1998.
    "Plastpolymer", founded in 1969, is the extension of the enterprise, which specialized in the development of polymerized and polyvinyl plastics industry. The first research in this area was conducted in the laboratories of Ohtinskij Chemical factory. Many important names in Russian science are closely tied to the history of this enterprise. At the end of the 1920's the factory began its work on the research of plastic masses and synthetic resins, and quickly acquired the leading role in the plastics industry. All brands of plastics produced in the country were developed at the facilities of "Plastpolymer". Their quality was proven by four federal awards and five awards of the Ministry of Russian Federation, received for the past decade, as well as by over 700 invention certificates, earned by the researchers of "Plastpolymer" laboratory. With the continuous support of St. Petersburg's "Plastpolymer", many branches were opened to produce plastic polymers throughout the country. One of the last inculcations of "Plastpolymer" was the introduction of ABC-plastic and shockproof plastic production in India, together with the private firm "Grieve's Ltd.", and in China. Further information about the services offered by "Plastpolymer", and the list of its products could be obtained at (812) 540-3020, fax: (812) 540-8189, e-mail: Polimer@MV4224.spb.edu

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