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Egorova Lubov Ivanovna

Honored Master of Sports, six-times Olympic champion in ski race (1992, 1994); multiple world champion; the World Cup owner for the year of 1993 Liubov Yegorova was recognized the best sportsman of Russia for 1994. She is also the Hero of Russia and the President of the St. Petersburg Mountain Ski Race Federation.

Liubov Yegorova was born on May 5, 1966, in the city of Tomsk. When a kid, Liubov was attending choreography classes but she was dismissed from the group because of being too slim for a ballerina.

In 1984 Liubov Yegorova graduated from secondary school and entered Tomsk Pedagogical Institute, the Department of physical training; 1988 became her destiny year, for Liubov decided to come to Leningrad and to make a transfer into the Gertsen Pedagogical Institute, where from in 1994 she graduated.

Her love for ski Liuba recognized in school yet, in her 8th grade. She always was a good runner, and thus not once took part in various city contests of the kind.

The first considerable success came to Liubov Yegorova at the World championship in Cavalese in 1991. Yegorova first became world champion as one in the relay-race staff, but soon she showed the best time also in the thirty kilometers race.

In a year, the world champion is taking part in the Olympic Games held in France, where she won her first Gold medal in the 15 km race. The same --"golden" - results Liubov acquired both in the 10 km race and in a relay-race.

Her next Olympic Games took place in a two-years time, in Lillerhammer, Norway. Outstanding Russian skier performed with high skill there as well. She won three Golden medals, two in the races of 5 and 10 km respectively, and one in a relay-race.

The most bright moments in her sport career Liubov Yegorova considers her first Olympic Games. "I could not believe that I won for a long time. It is a big success when you win while nobody makes stakes on you," Luibov expressed herself afterwards. When she was asked what she felt knowing she is number one, Liubov asnwered that first of all she felt proud for her own country, because she thinks patriotism is in every sportsman and she was wishing for Russia to be always among the first.

Unfortunately, big sport comprises of not only victories, glory and fame with that feeling that you are the strongest on our planet, but it is also hard work and months of exhausting training which may mean traumas and frequent changes of places far from your house and family. "At first all was difficult in Big Sport, but later you start to feel that life, besides you have the opportunity to see other places".

Her free time which the sportsman possess practically not, Liubov likes to spent with her family and on reading. She reads mostly modern literature for distraction. She likes famous detective stories, classics she's called them. In her childhood she enjoyed to crochet and now she still keeps the napkins that she created with her own hands.

But faithful first of all she is to sports as profession, so also at her leisure time: in summer she prefers water ski, in winter - mount ski but only as an amateur. As her most enjoyable free time spending she considers to be her trips to the country with her family on the week-ends. In St. Petersburg her favorite place is the Neva embankment.

In 1994, by the decree of the Russian Federation President, Liubov Ivanovna Yegorova was awarded title of the Hero of Russia.

Since 2001 Liubov Yegorova has been working in the St. Petersburg Working Unions' Humanitarian University, at the Department of physical training. Liubov Yegorova confesses that "it is very hard to teach after the Big Sport because students' preparation is not satisfactory, and for the most part they lack will to work on their health care. There are a lot of weak people in the city nowadays despite the fact that recently great accent has been given to health questions in our society. But there are people that run regularly in parks."

Liubov Yegorova does not want to become a coach. The thing is she thinks that "not every great sportsman can coach; in order to do this one has to feel various pressures, but for that one has to have talent".

Liubov Yegorova is married. She has got a 7-years -old son.

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