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Filatov Oleg Vasilyevich

   Consultant at St. Petersburg "Vita Bank"
   Born on May 28, 1953 in Krasnov village of the Tumen' region. Graduated from the Astrahan' Pedagogical College, majoring in foreign languages. From 1983 until 1992 worked at the Pulkovo Airport customs in St. Petersburg.
    Presently, O.V. Filatov is a consultant at St. Petersburg "Vita Bank". He is married to Angelika Filatova, who works as an industrial designer and has two daughters: Anastasiya, born in 1983, and Yaroslava, born in 1986. Oleg Filatov comes from a family of a school geography teacher. His father, Vasilij Xenofontovich Filatov was a well-rounded and well-educated man, who could converse in many foreign languages, among which were German, English, Latin and Greek. He was an ardent and passionate admirer of poetry and often recited poems of Tutchev, Pushkin and Lermontov by heart. He also played many musical instruments and was competent in military arts. In 1998 the exhumation and burial of the royal family took place at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. However, some scientists questioned the presence of the remains of Prince Alexej among the buried. From November 1996 until January 1997, a group of scientists, led by a well-known criminal expert Leonard Gavrilov and a forensic anthropologist Vadim Petrov, had conducted a number of experiments, comparing the handwriting of Alexej Romanov and Vasilij Xenofontovich Filatov. Their findings support the opinion that these handwritings belong to the same hand with a high degree of probability. The same group of scientists had examined 53 photographic images of Alexej Romanov and Vasilij Xenofontovich Filatov and established that these images are of the same person at different stages in life. In 1998, the book entitled "The Salvation of the Prince" came out. Its authors, G. Egorov, V. Petrov, and I. Lysenko, reveal the story of Prince Alexej's escape from the communists' bullets, and of his further life under the name of Vasilij Xenofontovich Filatov. The book was translated and published in the United States and received widespread public attention. In the year 2000, with financial help of St. Petersburg Baltic Fund, Oleg Filatov plans to publish the second part of this book, with a provisional title of "The History of a Soul, or A Portrait of the Epoch."

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