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Fedorenko Valery Ivanovich

   General Director of JSC "Khlebny Dom".
   Born December 3, 1951 in Evpatoria, Crimea.
   His wife Larisa Nikolayevna is a worker of the sales industry. His daughter Victoria is a student of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.
   After returning from military service in 1974 V.I. Fedorenko was admitted to Leningrad Technical School of Food Processing and, after graduation, was directed to work as a shift foreman at Primorsky Bread Factory. After a year of work he became the factory's Deputy Director. Since 1983 till 1986 he worked as Deputy Director at "Red Baker" bread factory. He then worked as Director of "Red Dawn" bread factory until 1989. Since June 14, 1989 he has occupied the post of General Director of Moskovsky district's bread factory that sold its stocks in February, 1993 and was renamed JSC "Khlebny Dom" in June 1995.
   December 30, 1934 is the date of the enterprise's foundation. It was designed to be the city's largest bread factory. The factory's work over all these years was virtually uninterrupted, its equipment has been considerably worn out. In the end of 1994 a global reconstruction of the factory began. It has been successfully completed by now. Production lines have been equipped with latest European-made machinery.
   Valery Ivanovich considers his work to be his main interest in life, chiefly because it occupies most of his time. He prefers to get rest in his country residence. He is also fond of such sports as soccer and ping-pong. In the past he had usually spent his vacations in his parents' home in Crimea. In recent years he has had opportunities to travel abroad and "see the world".
   In his youth the General Director enjoyed literature on geography and history. Today he mostly reads detective stories. He loves opera and ballet, as well as contemporary music of various styles. He listens to all new music pieces with interest. Tina Turner is one of his favorite performers.
   As an adolescent, Valery Ivanovich has graduated from children's music and art schools. Today he mostly watches information programs on TV and likes NTV channel best. He also likes entertainment, discovery and sports programs. He enjoys going to restaurants, likes good wine, vodka, cognac and "Baltika" beer. New Year's Eve is among his favorite holidays. He likes giving presents more then receiving them. V.I. Fedorenko drives a Volvo and uses a cellular phone.
   Valery Ivanovich's life has changed for the better in recent years. His full independence in issues of enterprise management allows him to receive moral satisfaction from each new result achieved. Financial independence is also of great importance for the enterprise. The enterprise's plans for the future include achieving a broader assortment of products and lowering prices.
   V.I. Fedorenko lives and works in St. Petersburg.
   Secretary: Ms. Svetlana Konko.
   (7-812) 118-8300

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