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Hilkevich Vitaly Andreevich

   President of the "Spectron - OPTEL" company. Graduate of St. Petersburg State University. Has two higher education diplomas. From 1963 until 1967 has worked in the Leningrad Optical Institute, and then, until 1990, at the "Burevesnik" company. V. Hilkevich was one of the founders of "Spectron", which was registered in St. Petersburg in 1990. In 1993, he became president of "OPTEL", which merged in 1997 with "Spectron" under the name "Spectron - OPTEL." This enterprise specializes in production of X-ray spectrometers "Spectroscan", developed by Mr. Anisovich, Dr. of Technical Sciences, who was also one of the founders of "Spectron." "Spectron - OPTEL" is one of the leading companies in the world, such as Philips, Siemens, ARL, Oxford, and Spectro, which specialize in assembly of X-ray spectrometers for chemical analysis of various substances. From the moment of its founding, the company has produced over 500 spectrometers. About 100 spectrometers, constructed by "Spectron - OPTEL" are used for ecological purposes, to determine the presence of heavy metals in the air, soil, water, as well as in automobile and ship building industries, aviation, railroad systems, customs services, criminology, food industry, metallurgy, geology, etc. Colleges and scientific research institutes have bought over 40 spectrometers. X-ray spectrometers "Spectroscan", in contrast with the time-consuming chemical testing, can determine chemical composition of the object in question in a matter of minutes with a very high degree of reliability and precision. It is the most efficient and trustworthy method of chemical analysis, which does not require a large quantity of the specimen and does not destroy the researched material. "Spectron - OPTEL" exports its production to USA, Australia, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, and Malaisia.

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