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Sergei Gerasimenko

   A Russian painter born in 1956 near Murmansk, Northern Russia. He has spent his childhood in Poltava, Ukraine. In 1968-72 he has attended a special art school, then in 1972-76 studied easel painting at Kharkov State Higher Art School.
   Since 1976 S. Gerasimenko has been living in St. Petersburg. The artist has tried many professions and changed several jobs.
   In 1986 Gerasimenko has entered Leningrad's Higher Art School named after V.I. Mukhina. He has graduated from it in 1991 as a painter of monumental and decorative art. He has manifested his highest skills in his diploma work, the stained glass window titled "The Seasons".


  • 1989. Exhibition of Ukrainian painters living in Leningrad (Museum of Ethnography, Leningrad, 12 canvases).
  • 1990. Exhibition of students and teachers of the Leningrad Higher Art School named after V. I. Mukhina (Institute of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark).
  • 1990. Exhibition titled "Artists Helping the Victims of the Earthquake in Armenia" (Leningrad Higher Art School named after V. I. Mukhina, Leningrad, 5 canvases).
  • 1991. Art gallery in Amsterdam, Holland. 12 canvases.
  • 1991-1994. Annual exhibitions of monumental art "The Wall" and "The Wall of Spirit" (Leningrad Artists' House, Leningrad).
  • 1992. "Myrtle" art gallery (the United States, 16 canvases).
  • 1992. Exhibition dedicated to joining Painters' Professional Union (Leningrad Artists' House, Leningrad, 25 pieces of art).
  • 1994. Personal exhibition titled "Eighteen Years in St. Petersburg" ("Nevsky, 20" art gallery, St. Petersburg, 94 pieces of art).
  • 1996. Exhibition at "Manege" Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg.
  • 1997. Several exhibitions in the art galleries of Paris (35 canvases, 50 drawings).

   The works of S. Gerasimenko are exhibited in private and museum collections of Russia, Germany, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Poland, the U.S. (including the Museum of Oriental Art in San Francisco), Canada and Japan (including the Museum of Decorative Art in Tokyo).
   The artist works in different styles, using a variety of techniques: portraits, landscape paintings, monumental and decorative art, stained glass windows.
   You can view more of Sergei Gerasimenko's works at http://truhti.subnet.dk

   Sergei Gerasimenko's photo album

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