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Fyedorov Victor

St. Petersburg author and performer Victor Fyedorov was born in Leningrad on June 22, 1950. For more than 30 years he has been working in creative sphere. According to the genre rating, Victor Feydorov is in the ten of the best singing poets of Russia.

V. Fyedorov was several times Laureate of the All Russia festivals, rallies and contests of the author's song; he was the student of XII World festival of Youth and Students in Moscow; the Laureate of the Prize of the Leningrad Komsomol Organization.

He is active member of the Russian Union of Men of Letters.

The verses and songs of Victor Fyedorov has been not once published in periodicals and has been issued as separate books. His songs can be heard both on radio and TV, in particular at "Peterburg" TV channel.

In 1989 his disk-giant "Elegia" and "To Stop, to Look..." -- collection of verses -- were issued; in 1999 -- magnet album "I kept silence for a long time" together with a compact-disk and a cassette of songs-and-poem composition devoted to the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkinunder the name of "Drawings on the margins of drafts", the first part of triptych -- "Saloon", a compact-disk and a cassette "The Andreevskyi Flag" devoted to the history of Russian Fleet, a cycle of military marshes.

Presently, Victor Fyedorov regular poetical collection is ready for publication.

For the time of his creative activities V. Fyedorov has written more than 1,500 verses and songs. His works are performed in theatre, cinema, on TV, can be heard from variety stages performed by Edita Piekha, Zhanna Bichevskaya, Sergei Zakharov, Nina Meschaninova, Elena Gagarina, Vitaliy Korotayev, Alexandr Solovyev, both in Russia and abroad.

Victor Fyedorov creative work has been highly praised by critics, and wide public.

For his 30 years of creative work Victor Fyedorov a large number of times took part in various charity parties

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