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Gorodnitsky Alexander Moiseevich

   Poet, composer.
   Alexander Gorodnitsky was born in1933 in Leningrad. He survived the blockade. In 1957 he graduated from the geophysical faculty of Leningrad Institute of Mines named after G.Plekhanov, where he acquired a profession of geophysicist, oceanologist. He worked at the research institute of Arctic geology as a head of geological group in the Touroukhan region. From 1962 he took part in the research voyages for more than 20 times. He has visited Canada, Australia, Antarctica and Gibraltar - the most distant northern regions of Russia. He participated in many oceanological expeditions as a representative of the Oceanological Institute named after P.Shirshov of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now Russian Academy of Sciences).
   He is a Doctor of geology and mineralogy science, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, head of the laboratory of the Oceanological Institute, the author of more than 230 research works and articles for periodicals.
   He has been composing songs, using his own poems, from 1953. He was the laureate of the tourist song competition of the 1st All-Union youth hike in Brest in 1965, the laureate of the 1st All-Union best tourist song competition in 1967 and others. He is a member of the Writers Union and the International Pen-Club. He was awarded the Tsarskoselskaya premium in 1998 and the premium named after Boulat Okudzhava in 1999. He is a member and a chairman of the jury of many festivals, including 'Groushinsky' festival.
   He constantly cooperates with radio, television, cinema and theatre. He goes for a tour through USA, Germany, Israel, Sweden, France, Denmark, Holland and other countries. From 1987 he released a lot of compilations of his songs and published 22 books of his poems, songs and memoirs. From 1972 he has been living in Moscow.

   Photo-portrait by Y.Bogdanov (Saint-Petersburg)

   Alexander Gorodnitsky's photoalbum

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