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Faddeev Ludwig Dmitrievich

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.
    Born March 23, 1934 in Leningrad into the family of the well-known mathematicians Faddeev D.K. and Faddeeva V.N.
    Graduated from the Physical Faculty at the Leningrad State University as a physicist (1956).
    Worked at the Leningrad Mathematical Institute, part of the USSR Academy of Science, as the Head of a laboratory which worked on the mathematical problems of Physics.
    From 1976 was Deputy Director of the St-Petersburg Steklov Mathematical Institute.
    From 1988 to 1992 was a founding director of the Eiler International Mathematical Institute and became its Head in 1993.
    In 1959 he defended his candidate dissertation on the "Characteristics of S-matrices for dissipation on a local potential".
    In 1963 became a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences , having defended his doctoral dissertation on the results of research in the field of the quantum theory of dissipation for a system of three alternate corpuscles.
    Has been a Professor of the Leningrad (St.Petersburg) State University since 1967.
    In 1976 was elected Full member of the USSR Academy of Science.
    Outstanding Russian mathematician, one of the founder of Mathematical Physics.
    Author of 200 scientific works and of five monographs.
    Winner of the USSR State Prize.
    Awarded the Heineman Prize

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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