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Galibov Georgii Gavrilovich

   General director of the joint-stock company "New Holland". Born in 1937 in Leningrad. The first part of his life was typical for the children of the World War II generation. The war, evacuation, orphanage, and return to his city were followed by starting work at a young age and military service. His work experience began in 1951, when he studied at a trade school and worked as a carpenter. Later, in 1965, when he had graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Optics and Mechanics, he became the shop manager at the "Krasnogvardeets" factory. In 1970 he accepts a position at the country's biggest assembling organization - the specialized trust for assembly of hydraulic and mechanical equipment (abbreviated as SGEM). For the next 20 years he had worked at SGEM as a financial director, completing documentation for hydroelectric power stations for various regions in Russia, as well as for Brazil, Argentina, and Iceland. At the same time he received his second degree from Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics.
   Georgii Galibov is married. His son Yuri Galibov is a public relations manager for Philip Morris Company in St. Petersburg. The Galibovs spend all their spare time with their grandson. Together they travel cross-country and take trips to museums and theaters.
   In September of 1990 Galibov comes to work at one of the first joint-stock companies "New Holland" as the commercial director. In 1993 he was named the company's general director. The "New Holland" company was founded and sponsored by the city's authorities, which subsidized the initiative in order to restore and revive the unique architectural ensemble of the XVIII - XIX centuries in the historical center of St. Petersburg on the island of New Holland. The project's goal is to create a new multifunctional cultural center of international importance and quality, which would provide the city dwellers and its guests with a hotel, living complexes, a business center, art galleries, an underground parking lot, and an aquatic park. Georgii Galibov heads a group of enthusiasts and highly qualified specialists dedicated to reconstruction of their beloved city. The professional staff of the "New Holland" project includes competent architects, financial managers, translators, who are united by a common goal and form a wonderful team.
   The island of New Holland was created by Peter the Great in the 1720's as a commemoration of the Netherlands, a country very dear to him. It was built in the shape of a triangle and located between Krukov and Admiraltejskij canals. At the time of its creation the administration of the island was handed over to the Marine Department, which built various brick structures for keeping and drying ship timber, and conducting work for the Russian Fleet. Later, when the construction of wooden ships was discontinued, these brick buildings were used as a storage space for various needs of the naval fleet. Many prominent Russian architects of the time participated in the construction of the architectural ensemble on the New Holland island. The red-brick entrance arch on the Moika river, which connects two historical buildings, is the creation of a well-known French architect J.B. Vallen-DeLamott, and served as a source of inspiration for many generations of artists who have chosen the island as a theme for depiction.
   In all its aspects, New Holland is a unique (though untraditional) historical and architectural monument, which needs restoration. The overall area of the island is approximately 90 thousand square meters, and is mostly occupied by the marines. The first step of the restoration plan is to transfer the fleet bases to a different place within the next two years. The plan consists of five major steps, which can evolve independently from each other. The location of the inner reservoir makes the island especially attractive, for it opens wide possibilities for utilitarian and cultural functions, such as the opening of a floating summer stage and water taxi. On one hand, the New Holland ensemble is located in the immediate proximity to the most famous cultural monuments of the city (about 300 meters from Mariinskii Theater, 800 meters from the St.Isaak's Cathedral, 1400 meters from the Hermitage.) On the other hand, it is separated from the city by a water path. At present the island, located on the axis between the Palace Square and the Theater Square, is not included in the overall territory of the city. One of the goals of the "New Holland" project is to create new institutions on the island, which would become points of attraction for tourism and business life.
   Currently, Georgii Galibov and the working staff of the joint-stock company "New Holland" have to solve many engineering, legal, and financial problems. The project is a major investment plan in St. Petersburg. Its estimated costs range from $90 to $100 million, provided by state funds, as well as by the private investors. The project is realized with the immediate support of the city's government.

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