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Gorbenko Vladislav Ivanovich

   General Director of the APEC agency.
   Born on April 7, 1951 in the Poltava region. Graduated from the Kiev Higher Naval Military Political College, later - from the Military Political Academy's pedagogical department. Married with a son.
   Since 1991 Vladislav Gorbenko is the director of the APEC agency.
   APEC Agency is a multi-profile structure that provides a complex of various informational, consulting and legal services related to the initial stages of commercial activities, including the opening of representational branches of Russian and foreign firms in St.Petersburg and in the Leningrad region. The APEC Agency consults its clients on the questions of the organizational and legal forms of associations, carries out their registration, supplying them with a complete set of necessary documentation, assists in liquidation of organizations and stock issue, etc.
   The agency consults both physical and juridical persons on legal matters and carries out civil, criminal and arbitrage proceedings in court. Since 1991 the agency becomes a professional personnel recruiter for over 300 firms in St.Petersburg and its region, Moscow, other cities in Russia. Over 20000 professionals are registered in the agency's databases.
   The immigration department of the agency maintains partnerships with commercial legal structures of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Malasia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Argentina and assists in obtaining employment abroad, immigration, passport and visa support and opening businesses abroad (including offshore zones). When necessary, the agency consults its clients on the matters of financial and commercial security, and can provide aid in finding an office for the firm.
   The agency's partners can hold PR-campaigns, marketing surveys, as well as provide any needed services related to the Internet and printed materials. All the services provided by the agencies correspond to its statutes and are furnished with the necessary licenses. The APEC Agency is a sponsor of the Regional Social Cultural and Educational Baltic Fund and the Regional Social Fund " Officers' Assembly".

   Russia, 191023, St. Petersburg, Liteiny prospekt, 20
   tel. 275-44667, FAX: 278-8683
   E-mail: ares@mail.wplus.net, http://www.job.sp.ru

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