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Firtich Georgiy Ivanovich

Composer, Russian arts horoned performer, professor of the Russian State Pedagogic University of I. Gertsen, Firtich Georgiy Ivanovich was born in 1938 in Pskov. In 1962 he graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory on the composition classes of Y. Balkashin and B. Arapov. Since 1962 he has been a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers.

Since 1994 Firtich has been Chair of the Modern Music Association, a branch of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers. The association unites innovators for not only musical sphere but also painters and theatre workers. The association members are both masters and debutant composers - innovators from different countries. The Modern Music Association attracts everybody who contributes to the progressive ideas in art development, beginning with students of the St. Petersburg Colleges' Departments of Music and up to famous artists.

G. Firtich is the author of not only academic works. He as well composes music for theatre, cinema and TV. Firtich' music demands sometimes a rather active perception, similar to soul inflamation within it.

As to his compositions for the variety art, Georgiy Firtich is never the adapter towards the mass public tastes, but tries to bring masses close to the tones of the modern academic music.

Being a supporter of the musical avant-garde aesthetics, Firtich is skillful in modeling sharp psychological states. Firtich's as an avant-guardist regular object of research is the human condition in its utmost clarifications - from the eloquant illusiveness (his "Elegy" from "The spring Songs" cantatas on V. Khlebnikov verses) up to ecstasy storms similar to a shaman (his quintet-fantasy "Musical therapy", 1999). Firtich fills his musical experssions with fantastic sound and rhythm effects, denying callous conditions and dogmas. The composer creates new things that issue from his particular artistic thought.

The music of Firtich can be heard in different corners of Russia as well as abroad - in France, Bulgaria, Poland, the Chec Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, USA, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway.

Firtich is the author of music to a famous Russian serial cartoon -- "Captain Wrungel Adventures", he is as well the author of music to cinema film: "Golden Calf" (M. Shveitser a producer), " If you want to be happy" (N. Gubenko a producer), "The Take-off Path" (V. Lonskoi a producer), "The Charged with Death" and "For Diabol Transit" (V. Plotnikov a producer).

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