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Gorbach Vladimir Dmitrievich

    General director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Shipbuilding Technology (CNIITS). Born on February 15, 1948 in Leningrad. In 1967 Mr. Gorbach has graduated from a technical college with a specialization in the technologies of welding production. His work experience began at Admiralty factory. From 1970 until 1984 he worked as the chief engineer and vice president of the "Rhythm" enterprise. At the same time, without interruption of his working experience, V. D. Gorbach had graduated from Polytechnical College, majoring in Metallurgy and Technology of Welding Production. From 1984 until 1986 he held a position of the chief welder at the Zhdanov shipbuilding factory (presently "Northern Shipyard" enterprise.) In 1991 he finishes graduate school, writing his thesis on Shipbuilding technology, ship construction and ship production management. In 1993 Rhythm enterprise was renamed as Scientific Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, and V. D. Gorbach became its general director. In the period of radical economic reforms he introduced new effective organization and management of production in order to achieve and retain high scientific potential, as well as to strengthen progressive directions of research at the Institute. In 1994 acquires the status of the State Research Center of Russian Federation, gaining more authority and prestige in the field of native shipbuilding industry. The institute actively participates in realization of the projects and assignments of the Ministry of Science. It conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of high technology and application of the unconventional kinds of energy and physical effects aimed at creation of new ecologically sound and resource- saving technologies and equipment. The center's personnel takes part in the development and realization of Federal goal-oriented programs in the most urgent problems of modern science and technology, including the rebirth of the Russian fleet; future technologies, new materials, high-speed and ecologically sound transportation, information technologies. As the general director of the Center, Mr. Gorbach directs and participates in scientific research and strives for developing a shipbuilding industry that could compete in the world markets.
   In 1996 he defends his master thesis. The institute is accredited by the Federal Standards Agency as a certification bureau for the shipbuilding industry.
   Currently it is a multi-profile scientific and industrial complex that incorporates modern research laboratories, design and construction departments and an industrial base for production of equipment. The institute has a wide range of scientific and commercial ties with various companies of over 20 foreign countries, successfully cooperates with scientific research centers of Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Korea, India and other countries and often participates in international exhibitions.
   Mr. Gorbach is an academician, and a recipient of several federal awards and a medal for his contributions to science and technology. He is also a head of the department of shipbuilding technology of the St.Petersburg State Sea Technology University, has over 50 scientific works, 15 patented inventions. Mr.Gorbach initiated the concept of fundamental restucturing of the shipbuilding industry in St.Petersburg, a project that received the governor's support and became one of the city's first-priority undertakings, under the name of the "Investment project 'St.Petersburg Shipyards'". The goal of the project is to bring the Russian shipbuilding to world standards. Instead of three currently existing plants one high-technology compact shipyard is to be built in St.Petersburg. This will allow to raise the quality of the product as well as to beautify the city.
   At the boundary of the XXI century the center celebrates its 60th anniversary. It has contributed quite a bit to the creation of the industrial base for building ships of all classes for various practical purposes, to the realization of federal programs of naval fleet development, and is entering the new century with innovational ideas and modern technologies. It is open to cooperation with interested partners in Russian and beyond.

   Russia, 198095, St. Petersburg, Promyshlennaya street, 7
   telephone: 7-(812)-186-0401
   fax: 7-(812)-186-0459
   e-mail: cmiits@telegraph.spb.ru

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