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Grabovets Leonid Gerasimovich

Director General Almaz Shipbuilding Company.

Born on March 1, 1948, in Volynskaya Oblast.

In 1967-1969 served in the Soviet Army.

Since 1970 has been working in Almaz Shipbuilding Company.

His labour activity began with working as a turner's trainee. Without leaving his work in 1975 he graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding College, in 1986 from the North-West Polytechnic Institute (mechanical engineer).

Worked as a turner, then a master, foreman, deputy shop head, head of the logistic department, deputy director general of commerce, commercial director, director of economy and finance, and finally director general.

In 1998 successfully completed a large-scale work on quality system developing, for which the team was awarded with St. Petersburg Prize of Quality. He was also awarded with the Prize of Russian Government for development of new engineering.

In 1999 was granted two patents for the prototypes "Cargo Container" and "Coastal Patrol Ship". In 2000 took out five patents ("Semitrailer", "Amphibious Hovercraft", etc.)

Since 2001 till present Board Member in Almaz Shipbuilding Company, member of the St. Petersburg Marine Assembly, full member (academician) of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy.

Medals: "The Russian Fleet is 300" (1996), "For Merits at Frontier Services" (2001).

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