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Freundlich Alisa Brunovna

Actress at the Tovstonogov Academic Bolshoy Theatre.
    Born December 8,1934. Her father is Bruno Arturovich Freundlich, one of the leading actors at the Pushkin Academic Drama Theatre (Alexandrisky Theatre).
    Commenced her theatrical career at the Komissarzhevskaya Drama Theatre. Her stage debut in "Time to Love" was at once noticed by the theatre-going public.
    She worked at the Lensoviet Theatre for about two decades. Vladimirov I.P., her husband is a director at the Lensoviet Theatre. She is well-known for her roles at "Tanya", "My Poor Marat", "People and Passion".
    In 1982 was taken on by the Tovstonogov Academic Bolshoy Drama Theatre.
    Participated in well-known performances such as "Barwoman at a disco", Insidiousness and Love", "The Cherry Orchard".
    Works for television and in cinema with great success. Her Film roles in "Service Love Story", "Old-fashioned Comedy" made her very popular.
    Winner of the USSR and Russia State Prizes.
    National Actress of the USSR (1981) and of Russia.

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