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Eduard fon Falts-Fein

Eduard Alexandrovich has rather bright personality, he is both epochal (recently the baron celebrated its 90th anniversary which is really an epoch) and original.

E. A. Falts-Fein was born in Russia five years before the revolution of 1917. His grandfather from the mother's side, the General of Infantry, Nikolay Alexeyevich Yepanchin held at that time the position of the Director of Russia's most privileged military educational institution -- the Emperor's Page Corpse famous for its graduates all over Russia.

In 1917, a five-year-old boy, Eduard together with his parents stayed at his grandfather's place in St. Petersburg, and he virtually was witness of the October revolution. Eduard remembers little about those days he only learned that his grandfather-General was lucky to not been shot. The family of little Eduard in full staff flew abroad - to Germany. After the two years of heavy emotional experience Eduard's father died so that the child's education was left for his grandfather. It was the latter who developed in the boy great love for Russia, Russian culture, though for the country the General himself was "people's enemy". Besides, the title of baron was not liked by the Soviet bureaucrats.

Destiny presented Falts-Fein with long life, and it presented Russia with change of the state order. In 1991, a man of almost 80 of age finally, he finally received the official invitation from the Russian President Boris Yeltsin to visit Russia. The baron is not an old man for his mind is clear. One has to mention also that during all his life the baron does not only remember of his motherland but also tries to help it through charity.

Eduard Alexandrovich is famous for his collection of subjects of art that were transported from Russia during the years October revolution and the civil war.

All of the objects bought on the auctions or from private collections the baron has presented as a gift to Russian museums. In particular, due to Eduard Falts-Fein such interesting exhibits as the sculpture impression of hands of Russian legendary singer Fyedor Shalyapin, the portrait of the Count Potemkin made by Levitsky, a Persian carpet of great historical value presented to the tsar Nicolas II due to the Romanovs House 300th anniversary (on the carpet all the members of the tsar's family were depicted) returned to Russia.

During almost ten years the baron together with his friend and famous journalist Yulian Semenov tried to find the trace of the famous Amber Room stolen by the Nazi troops during the Second World War. Several dozens of European experienced criminalists and historians took part in the baron's "search team", unfortunately their investigations didn't bring the desired result.

During last years the baron built two churches in Ukraine (his mother was a Ukrainian), he also provided considerable means for restoration of the Page corpse's Church in the Vorontsov Palace, where St. Petersburg's Suvorov Military College is located. Eduard fon Falts-Fein has every right to account for the thing that the memory of his grandfather, General Yepanchin, would be immortalized within the walls of this military education institution.


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