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Aladushkin Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Chairman of "Lenstroimaterialy" Investments and Financing Group's administrative board.

Aleksandrov, Vadim Nikolayevich
General Director of Metrostroy, the St. Petersburg Metro Construction Society.

Arutyunyan Ruben Ervandovich
Director General, JSC Metrobor.

Bam Viktor Grigorievich
General Director of JSC "Spetsstroy", Accomplished Construction Worker of the Russian Federation.

Blinkov Andrey Sergeevich
General director of "Impulse" Construction Company.

Dvorkin Gilil Moiseevich
General Director of JSC "Trust-36".

Druzhininsky Georgy Anatoljevich
Director General of JSC Department-20 Metrostroy.

Eremin Alexander Konstantinovich
Director general of close corporation "DSK-3".

Furman Aleksandr Yuljevich
Director General, JSC Rikel.

Golman Vladimir Mikhaylovich
President of St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies, Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Kalugin Alexander Vasiljevich
General manager of "Jilstrojinvest".

Kaplan Lev Moiseevich
Director, the St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies; Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Economist of Russia.

Kikichev, Nail Gusupovich
General Director of the "Lengazteplostroy" company, candidate of technical science, The Honored builder of The Russian Federation.

Krasnikov Alexander Mikhailovich
President of the «Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

Kyrlig Aleksey Stepanovich
Director, Mechanization Department No. 1.

Lapin Alexei Stanislavovich
General Director of "Lapin Enterprises".

Lombas Svjatoslav Vladimirovich
Director, SUE Lengiproinzhproject

Makarov, Alexander Afanasievich
General director of "ROSSTRO" enterprise.

Narykin Alexander Alexeevich
OAO "Design Institute # 1" General Director, Honorary Constructor of Russia.

Nikonov Igor Nikolayevich
General Director of JSC "SevZapTransStroy Complex", St. Petersburg.

Ovodov Boris Aleksandrovich
Director General, SMU Petrosvyaz.

Shubarev Maksim Valerjevich
Founder and President of Petersburg Realty Corporation; Vice-President, the holding company Leninez.

Tsapu Leonid Ivanovich
Director General, JSC Petrotrest.

Zarenkov, Dmitry Vechiaslavovich
General Director of the ZAO SSMO LenSpecSMU.

Zarenkov, Vyacheslav Adamovich
Professional Builder, General Director of Holding "Etalon-LenSpecSMU".

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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