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Abalakin, Victor Kuzmich
Director of the Main Astronomy Observatory (Pulkovo) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Chavchanidze, Evgeni Kirillovich
General Director of the AOOT "I.I. Polzunov Association for Scientific Research, Planning and Production of Fuel and Energy Industry-related Equipment."

Gorbach, Vladimir Dmitrievich
General director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Shipbuilding Technology (CNIITS).

Golubev Anatoly Nikolayevich
Director of the Leningrad Industrial Science Research Communications Institute (LISRCI).

Grudzinskii, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Director of the Television Research Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor.

Italyantsev Sergey Viktorovich
General Director of OAO "Scientific Research Institute of the Precise Mechanics".

Krivoshapov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Director general of public corporation "Lengipromez".

Kormer Vitaly Abramovich
Director, Synthetic Rubber Research Institute (SRRI).

Korkunov Vladislav Nikolaevich
Director, the St. Petersburg Research and Design Institute Atomenergoproject.

Lopota, Vitalii Alexandrovich
Director and head designer of the Central Research Institute of Technical Cybernetics and Robot Technology.

Mak Arthur Afanasievich
Laser physics scientist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor.

Nasedkin, Sergei Petrovich
Director of the "Soyuzproektneft" research institute.

Nikolsky, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Director of the Cytology Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Pashin, Valentin Mihailovich
Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute.

Peresypkin, Vsevolod Ilich
General director of the Central Naval Scientific Research and Design Institute.

Peshehonov, Vladimir Grigorievich
Director of the Federal State Enterprise "Central Scientific and Research Institute "Elektropribor" ( The State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation), doctor of technical science, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Petrovsky Guriy Timofeyevich
General Director of State Optics Institute named after S.I. Vavilov.

Pisarev Sergey Borisovich
Director of Federal "Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time" (RIRT).

Shulz, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Director of the Grebenshchikov Silicate Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Skatov, Nikolay Nikolayevich
Director of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House).

Zuber Dmitry Leonidovich
General Director of the National Technical Science Research Institute.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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