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Nasedkin Sergei Petrovich

   Director of the "Soyuzproektneft" research institute.
   Well-known specialist in the field of industrial energy, the creation of energy equipment, design and construction of energy-related structures for the shipbuilding industry and shipyards, Master of Technical Sciences.
   Many unique nature-preserving structures in Egypt, Vietnam, Nicaragua, India and other countries have been built under his administration and with his active participation. In addition, he had created testing sites for various purposes, developed energy-saving technologies at shipbuilding plants, as well as programs which minimize the technogenic impact of industrial plants on the environment. Participated in research on improvement and creation of modern atomic energy equipment, energy-effective implements, designed and developed promising technological schemes of alternative energy sources usage (sun systems of heat supply and geothermal electrical stations). He has over 130 scientific works, 47 certificates of invention (including 14 on hydrodynamic improvements of running tracts of atomic reactors). He successfully combines his professional work with teaching (22 years of experience in the field of education). S.P. Nasedkin is also the chairman of the State Examination Commissions in the fields of "Industrial Heat Energy Systems" and "Heat-operated Electric Stations" in the city's higher education institutions, and a member of the editorial board of the " Shipbuilding Industry. Industrial energy, environmental protection and energy maintenance on board ships" magazine.
   His most important works of the past few years are the developments in providing complex structures of the shipbuilding industry and minimizing the technogenic impact of industrial plants on the environment and creating constructions aimed at protecting nature:
   -ship demolition complexes for utilization of atomic submarines at several plants in 1992-1993;
   -a dry dock in the large-scale ship-building complex at a plant in Murmansk with a development of a unique pump system in 1993;
   -a complex of structures for building and removal of ice-resistant sea stationary platforms for gas mining on the arctic sea shelf in Severodvinsk in 1996;
   -a geothermal electrical station in Nicaragua in 1993-1995;
   -"High Speed Highways" enterprise - the reconstruction of the industrial wing of the "Transmash" plant, the development of an energy-efficient infrared heating system and autonomous heat systems of air inflow in 1996-1997.
   A variety of other projects had also been implemented under his administration.
   Sergei Nasedkin is a friendly and open person with a good sense of humor. He is fond of art and music, particularly, of the old Russian romances, and plays the piano rather well himself. He is well-read and concerned for the ecological problems of his favorite city - St.Petersburg.

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