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Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich

V. M. Pashin is the Science Principal & Director of the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, USSR and Russian Federation State Prize Laureate, RAN A.N.Krylov Prize Laureate, Hero of the Russian Federation, Person of the Year2000 national prize under the Military Industrial Complex nomination for contributions to the development of the country’s shipbuilding.

He was born in 1937 in Saratov region.

On his graduation from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute in 1960, Valentin M. Pashin joined the Krylov Institute as an engineer and gradually rose to the Director (1990).

V. M. Pashin is one of the leading Russian scientists in the field of marine engineering. During the first years of his carrier V.M. Pashin was dealing with the issues of civil shipbuilding. He has developed the theoretical basis of modern ship design optimization methods using mathematic and computer techniques including a theory of computer-aided ship design optimization, theoretical basis of a system approach to ship design, methods for optimization of the main ship characteristics, mathematical models for optimizing the makeup of the naval fleet to provide a basis for formulating prospective shipbuilding programs.

Since the late 1970s he has become actively involved in R&D in the field of naval shipbuilding. Over these years V.M. Pashin, personally, as well as the teams he led have developed the fundamental principles of contemporary shipbuilding making it possible to build surface combatants, submarines and commercial vessels many of which proved to be as good or even better than their most successful foreign counterparts.

Many practical tasks and challenges formulated by the Soviet and RF governments under such state-run programs as Gradient, Ocean, Protection, Russian Yards, Shelf, etc. have been resolved on V.M. Pashin’s initiative and with his decisive personal contribution and creative participation. These include development of low-vibration propellers, optimized hullforms, improvement of hull structure fatigue life, R&D support to various defense and commercial marine projects, new offshore engineering and design concepts for the extraction of hydrocarbon resources in the freezing seas of the Russian shelf, etc. V.M. Pashin has many times participated in the sea trials of ships and submarines leading commissions set up to resolve the most complicated technical problems at the commissioning of the class-lead ships and submarines to the satisfaction of customers. V.M. Pashin was the scientific director of a research submarine project intended for in-depth studying of maneuverability, propulsion and acoustic stealth of a submarine using polymer additive injection in boundary layer.

At every stage of his career at the Krylov Institute V.M. Pashin has made significant scientific contributions and played a key role in the progress of the Institute itself. V.M. Pashin was one of those who pioneered a wide computerization of hydrodynamic laboratories to enhance the capabilities of model experiments and obtain new results in hydrodynamics and acoustics. Moreover, at the time when he was deputy director of the Krylov Institute V.M. Pashin was in charge of computerization and automation of the Institute’s test facilities. He was personally involved in the development of some unique test facilities such as high-pressure tanks for deep-water model experiments, large-size high-speed water tunnel, ice model tank, new model production workshops. The main test facilities of the Krylov Institute have been equipped with automated test data acquisition and processing systems.

V.M. Pashin was appointed director of the Krylov Institute at the hard time of economic reforms and played a major role in further development of the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute and its adaptation to the new economical environment. Under the direction of Pashin the Institute has gained momentum to develop as a modern powerful research and engineering center of national shipbuilding industry able to perform the whole cycle of research and design work for new ships, vessels and other sophisticated marine engineering structures, R&D support to practical ship design as well as fundamental and applied research studies in all sections of shipbuilding science. The Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute headed by Pashin is involved in practically all projects of naval ships, commercial vessels and marine structures implemented in Russia.

Today the Institute is a collective member of the most representative and recognized international marine engineering organizations; it participates in practically all major international exhibitions, conferences and symposia. The bulk of the Institute’s order book is made up of contracts in the field of civil and military applications signed with domestic customers (Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation [RF], RF Defense Ministry, Federal Agency on Industry, Roshelf, Sevmorneftegaz, Lukoil, etc.) and foreign clients (Exxon, Sakhalin Energy, Brown & Root, Moss Maritime A.S., ABB Azipod, Lloyd’s Register, Saipem, etc.). The international co-operation of the last decade resulted in about 400 contracts completed for companies from the UK, Germany, Italy, India, Canada, China, Norway, Republic of Korea, the USA, France and other countries. This proves the high worldwide rating of the Institute and the authority of the Institute’s Science Principal & Director V.M.Pashin.

V.M. Pashin is the founder and leader of the school recognized by the scientific community, whose methods in the design of large-scale and sophisticated systems with a human-machine interface make it possible to arrive at optimum technical and management solutions during development and operation of these systems. This school includes brilliant naval architects, talented designers and managers of ship research projects. The students and disciples of V.M. Pashin’ school have successfully defended dozens dissertations for PhD and Doctorate degrees at the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute and the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, where V.M. Pashin heads the ship design department. The novel approaches and methods suggested by V.M. Pashin and his staff are applied to find practical ways of coping with the important problems facing the Russian shipbuilding industry .

For many years and today V.M. Pashin has been and is an active public scientist in various scientific boards and commissions attached to the Russian President Office, the Security Council, the Russian Federation Government, Military Industrial Commission, RF Marine Collegium, Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering, St. Petersburg Governor’s Office, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In recognition of his high authority in the international scientific community V.M. Pashin was elected a member of the Advisory Council of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC), a fellow of the International Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST, UK) and a member of the European Engineering Council where he is entitled to act as an international project evaluation expert.

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