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Zuber Dmitry Leonidovich

   Born in 1939 in Zhitomir region.
   His father was a military officer, a graduate of Leningrad Cavalry Communications School, who came back from World War II as a Major. The family has moved to Leningrad in 1950.
   His mother was a bookkeeper. She received higher education at Leningrad's Electrotechnical Institute named after Lenin.
   D.L. Zuber came to work at the National Technical Science Research Institute (NTSRI) in 1962. He began as an engineer and grew to become Chief of a department. He has been actively involved in social action. Worked as Deputy Secretary of a Komsomol Committee, headed a party organization, participated in professional union activities. Became General Director of NTSRI in 1992.
   Candidate of Technical Sciences. Acting member of the International Academy of Information Technology. Member of the International Academy of Business and Administration Leaders. Corresponding member of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy. Laureate of Peter the Great national social award among Russia's 45 best administrative leaders. Author of over 50 inventions, of over 10 patents, of 40 scientific articles. Awarded the Friendship Order.
   Married. His daughter is a philologist. She currently attends a Doctoral studies program.
   D.L. Zuber lives in a three-room apartment. He has been driving since 1972 and he loves it. He has driven three different models of "Zhiguli". Currently owns a Suzuki Bolena. He does not have a well-defined hobby, enjoys many activities, from billiard to mushroom-picking. Likes volley-ball, swimming, water cycling. Dmitry Leonidovich was fond of sambo self-defense fighting and gymnastics in his youth (he had first category in gymnastics). Went in for track and field athletics, could jump up at his own height. Later started playing soccer and volley-ball. He regrets not playing tennis earlier in his life.
   Member of Enterprise Owners' Association's and of Russian Enterprise Owners' Association's Presidiums.
   Present-day General Director of the National Technical Science Research Institute.

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