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Artistic Associations' Leaders

Aizenstadt Margarita Yakovlevna
Member of the Union of Russian Cultural Workers and the International Club of St. Petersburgers, acted as one of the founders of "St. Petersburg Institute", the organization which initiated the educational series "Evenings on Fontanka."

Aizenstadt Vladimir Borisovich
Member of the Union of Russian Cultural Workers, the Club of St. Petersburg Artists and the International Club of St. Petersburgers, one of the founders of the "St. Petersbug Institute" society and is the author and narrator of the series "Evenings on Fontanka."

Baskin Mikhail Izrailevich
Chairman of the St. Petersburg section of Union of the Concert Performers of Russia.

Fominichyeva Nadezhda Mikhailovna
N. M. Fominichyeva is the director of St. Petersburg Company of Classical Music.

Goloubeva Lidia Vladimirovna
Director of the Creative Association of embroidery craftsmen "Lilia".

Hopova Ludmila Ivanovna
Director, the Studio of L.I. Hopova.

Jigarkhanian Marina Borisovna
Chief of "Manege" exhibition hall's Department of Modern Art.

Kuleshov, Vlad Petrovich
Chairman of the Russian Branch of the World Flowers Union.

Savchenko, Vadim Parfenyevich
General Director Of the folk art crafts "Tvorchestvo" association.

Triodin, Vladimir Yevgenyevich
Chairman of the St.Petersburg Separation of the Russian Cultural Workers' Union.

Zarkh Tatyana Ivanovna
Chief of Children's Ice Theatre Studio.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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