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   Presentation of the St. Petersburg's Highest Theatre prize "Golden Soffit" took place October 29.
   Actress Marina Ignatova was the winner of "The best female act" nomination, she won the prize for the role of Fedra in "Fedra" play, directed by Grigory Ditiatkovsky (Tovstonogov Theatre). "Fedra" was also recognized as the best performance at the big stage. Actor Vladimir Matveyev won "The best male act" prize for the role of Karenin in "Karenin. Anna. Vronsky" staged by Gennady Trostianetsky (Lensovet theatre).
   The play "Christmas of 1942, or Letters of Volga" staged by Ivan Latyshev (Briantsev young people's theatre) won two prizes: "The best performance at the small stage" and "The best actors troupe". Marina Azizian got the prize for the best scenography in "Fedra". Igor Ignatiev was given "The best director" prize for "The nutcracker and the Mouse King" play (Tale Puppet Theatre).
   "The best music theatre conductor" prize was given to Valery Gergiev for "Legend of invisible town of Kitezh and maid Phevronia" and for "The nutcracker" ballet (Mariinsky theatre). Alexander Petrov was recognized as the best director for "Boheme" play ("Zazerkalye" children's musical theatre). Mikhail Shemiakin was awarded with "The best painter" prize for "The nutcracker" ballet (Mariinsky theatre).
   "The best ballet performance" was given to the Academic ballet theatre for "Russian Hamlet" ("Son of Catherine the Great").
   "The best ballet performance" was given to Elena Kuzmina for the part of the empress in "Russian Hamlet".
   Zinaida Sharko and Nina Urgant were awarded with the special prize "For creative longevity and unique contribution to theatrical culture of St. Petersburg". The audience stood up to greet the actresses. They received prizes from the hands of Kirill Lavrov, art director of Tovstonogov Theatre.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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