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Никифоров О. Н. Nikiforov Oleg Nikolaevich

The Chairman of the Fund of cooperation with Germany.

O. N. Nikiforov was born in Novgorod.

In 1976 he graduated from the Tomsky State University of V. V. Kuibyshev (the Department of Law).

From 1958 till 1986 he served in the Soviet Army, after graduation from the military school. Upon retirement from the army service, Nikiforov O. N. worked as a teacher of Law in the higher educational institutions. He has a number of scientific publications in the field of law and quality.

Since 1961 Nikiforov O. N. is President of "Bismarck" association. In the course of Nikiforov's work there, the association established contacts with General Consulate of Germany, with a descendant of Bismarck - Count Karl-Edward fon Bismarck. "Bismarck" association established the place of living and work of Germany's first chamberlain, Count Otto fon Bismarck, who lived in St. Petersburg as a Prussian Envoy since 1859 till 1862. The place of living of Count Otto fon Bismarck is Angliiskaya embankment, 50 -- the house of Stenbok-Fermor where, on the event of the 100th anniversary since Otto fon Bismarck's death a memorial plaque was installed. In the ceremony of the plaque installation, General Consul of Germany Diter Bolen, direct descendant of the Bismarck family - Count Karl-Edward fon Bismarck, Nikiforov O. N. and representatives of St. Petersburg's public and administration took part.

The author of architectural design of the memorial plaque is Honored sculptor of the USSR, Levon Konstantinovich Lazarev. The text on the plaque was prepared by Nikiforov O. N., together with General Consul of Germany, in Russian and German languages; it is as follows:


On the central part of the plaque, between the texts, there is a bar-relief of Bismarck with Count's blazonry over it.

Count Karl-Edward fon Bismarck took direct part in mounting of the memorial plaque.

At the present moment in St. Petersburg is organized "The Center of Peace and Consent" with the purpose of concentration of efforts in strengthening of peace and trust between the countries and people of all nationalities. The founder of "The Center of Peace and Consent" is the fund of "Humanitarian and Business Cooperation with Germany", set up in 2001.

Necessity of set up of such organization was dictated by the very life and history of humanity throughout of the 20th century. "The Center of Peace and Consent" is public organization alternative to State, the organization of people standing on the side of peace and humanitarian initiatives related to strengthening of positive social climate in the country.

Close to the Center, the museum of "History of Relations of Russia and Germany" will be set up, expositions of which will relate to both tragic pages of the years of war and peaceful relationship that is mutually enriching.

In the halls of the museum the whole geography of Russia and Germany, 16 lands of the Federal Republic of Germany with their economy, culture, sport, tourism, science and education will be represented.

Following the wishes of the fund's friends, such as Count Karl-Edward fon Bismarck and diplomats Diter Bolen and Ulrikh Shening, "The Center of Peace and Consent" will actively cooperate with other countries in the deed of successful solution of problems of peace.

The Center holds negotiations on set up of other museums of "History of relations of Russia with other countries of the world". The Public "Center of Peace and Consent" and all the museums are set up as the filial branches of the Fund of "Humanitarian and Business Cooperation with Germany".

The center is looking both for recognition and understanding of its initiatives from the part of the governments of Russia and Germany as well as for their help and support.

The center is waiting for public activists to participate in the project, together with public organizations and Russian, German and other countries' common citizens.

The center is grateful to German diplomats: Unger fon Shtelenberg, Bernd Finke, Diter Bolen, Karl-Edward fon Bismarck, Urlikh Ernst, Hans Iogan Shtudnits and others for their understanding and support in the deed of establishing the first museum's steps - starting from installation of a memorial plaque to Count Otto fon Bismarck on the house he had been living in since 1859 till 1862 as a Prussian Envoy: Angliiskaya Embankment, 50.

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