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The Emblem of the Staff of the Relay Cycle ''DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD''Social Ecological International Project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD"

   The author and head of the Socio-Ecological Project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD" is a resigned senior Navy officer, a doctor of philosophy, an academician, Highday Victor Jurjevich.
   The analysis of the Project performed by specialists fully coincides with conclusions of many authoritative analytics and proves a high functional effectiveness of its realization mechanisms and a wide-range value of the project concept, both for Russia and international interest.
   "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD" represents a unique long-term project, realization of which will allow the State to solve effectively the whole complexes of problems in the following spheres:

  • Spiritual;
  • Cultural;
  • Moral;
  • Pedagogical;
  • Scientific;
  • Socio-ecological;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Moral-psychological;
  • Communicative-Peacemaking.

   The Relay Cycle of the International Humanitarian Programs "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD" ("Apertio Mundi") is executed by St. Petersburg Scientific-Humanitarian firm PETERLEN with the assistance of authoritative state and public, religious and scientific, cultural and business circles, as well as individuals, both Russian and foreign.
   The project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD" was started due to a conviction in the necessity to support UNO actions on overcoming of progressive ecological crisis, which has became a real menace of the Earth Civilisation loss.
   The Relay cycle is a mobile and well-managed viable mechanism, allowing to solve complex strategic problems.
   Being an independent system, the Relay Cycle is a part of a large-scale Socio-Ecological International Project.
   Being the lead program of the Project, the Cycle has a function of a "locomotive", i.e. helps to realize the Project's tasks.

   The main goals and tasks of the Socio-Ecological International Project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD":

  • To use the whole spectre of potential Project's opportunities with the purpose to contribute to UNO's activities on overcoming the global crisis of the Civilisation.
  • To focus attention of the world community on a real progressing treat of mankind survival as a result of losing cultural and humane values.
  • To draw attention of a scientific society to the necessity to search new, ecologically-friendly, methods of world exploration.
  • To practise fighting against ecological ignorance and spiritual impoverishment of the planet population.
  • To start a New Pedagogical Strategy and expand the sphere of its application. The New Strategy is orientated on formation of such a Personality Architecture that will be able to oppose the struggle of a Human and his Environment.
  • To initiate the conception and dissemination of a new tradition in international children contacts by a systematic attraction of a large number of schoolchildren to participation in Project programs, in order to develop a sense of self-importance in activities of the big World, as well as a personal responsibility for its Future.
  • To convince the community that Culture is the main bulwark to save the future of the Mankind.
  • To start and develop international peacemaking activities, which will be executed by the international group "WORLD Guard" consisting of war veterans.
  • To assist integration of leading world confessions in the view of humanisation of the human community
  • To support moral, ethics and political activities directed to restoration of the cultural health of the society
  • To stimulate awakening of ecological conscious by means of systematic informing activities based on results of scientific and humanitarian forums held in the network of the Relay Cycle.
  • To support popularization and implementation of concepts and projects orientated on a real formation of a Stable Trend for Human Civilization Development.
  • To support popularization and implementation of concrete projects directed to enhancement of the environment.
  • To initiate implementation of innovative socio-humanitarian projects for critical groups of population (children, old people, refugees, invalids, unemployed).
  • To facilitate the development of legislative programs on neutralisation spiritual and moral pauperization of community, its ignorance and degradation.
  • To support restoration of cultural and historical memorials.
  • To attract Russian and foreign scientists of information and high technologies for active and systematic participation in Project programs.
  • To establish "Centres" of informational neutralisation of moral and psychological tension in the world and develop their positive influence.

   And many others of the same kind.

   Photo album of Social Ecological International Project "DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD"

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