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Alexandr Radvilovitch's Photoalbum
A. Radvilovich and George Cram (USA, October of 2001)
Sofia Gubaidulina, A. Radvilovich (Berlin, September of 2000)
A. Radvilovich, I. Rodionova, A. Klimovitsy, Hans Verner Khentse (St.Petersburg, July of 1997)
Theodore Antonioy (conducter, USA) and A. Radvilovich during their work over "Pushkin", chamber symphony, at Malyi Philharmonic Hall (St. Petersburg, November of 1999)

A. Radvilovich, Zigune fon Osten (soprano, Germany) and A. Dmitriev (St. Petersburg, Big Philpharmonic Hall, November 22, 1998; after "Expectations" premier of A. Shenberg at "Sound Paths" festival
Radvilovich and the ex-president of UNO, Peres de Kuelyar (St. Petersburg, November 16, 1998)
"Sound Paths" ensemble at a concert in the St. Petersburg House of Composers. There : A. Uzbekova - a flute, A. Savina - a violine, A. Radvilovich - at a forte-piano and a wing flute (St. Petersburg, February of 2001)
"Sinfonia sacra" premier of A. Radvilovich in Chapel Hall ("Sound Paths Festival, November 18, 2001)

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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