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Voropayev Yuri Nikolayevich

   General Director of "Marketing, Consulting, Design" Auditing Company.
   Born on November 10, 1951 in Magnitogorsk. Graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute as an economic analyst in 1979. Received his second higher education at the St. Petersburg University for Trade and Commerce, majoring in bookkeeping and auditing in 1999.
   From 1977 until 1989 he has been working in the construction industry as Chief Engineer of the Leningrad Technological Institute. He has been marked for innovations of work processes. In 1987 he has created his first private enterprise. In 1991 his "Marketing, Consulting, Design" auditing company was officially registered.
   Today his company is among the country's top 20 auditing and consulting firms. It has for several years been the North-Western region's leader in this area.
   MCD has become associate member of the international Pannell Kerr Forster (PKF) association, a large consulting group, consisting of several hundreds offices in 100 countries worldwide. PKF is St. Petersburg government's official consultant in a number of important areas.
   Yu.N. Voropayev enjoys reading world literature classics and owns a good private library. His preferences in music include 70's rock and opera classics. He sponsors International Early Music Festivals in St. Petersburg.
   Mr. Voropaev is a good tennis player. He is a Candidate Master of Sports in boxing.
   Married, has a son.

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