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Nina Nikolaevna Usatova

Actress of the Big Academic Drama Theatre of G. A. Tovstonogov and National Actress of Russia.

Nina Usatova was born October 1, 1951, at Malinovoye Ozero, a halt station of the Altai region. In 1979 she graduated from the Theatre College of B. V. Schukin and worked for the Leningrad Youth Theatre. In 1989 Nina Usatova joined the group of the Big Academic Drama Theatre of G. A. Tovstonogov (of St. Petersburg), where she with a success performs in - "Craftiness and Love", "Marriage of Balzaminov", "Quadrille", "Family Portrait in the Interior" plays. The actress had her debut in the cinema in 1981, playing the role of a dressmaker in "Where Has Fomenko Gone?", a TV serial.

Apart from that, Nina Usatova as well performed in the following movies: "Voice" (1982), "Fantastic Story" (1983), "My friend Ivan Lapshin" (1984), "Olga and Konstantin" (1984), "Here Is My Country…" (1985), "Offence" (1986), "With The Doors Open" (1986), "Fable" (1987), "Farewell, the Moscovite Boys…" (1987), "Gardener" (1987), "The Cold Summer of 53…" (1987), "Grey Mouse" (1988), "Fountain" (1988), "Breeches " (1988), "Under the Blue Sky…" (1989), "Sofya Petrovna" (1989), "Anecdotes" (1990), "Demon" (1991), "Oi, You Geese…" (1991), "A Chekist" (1991), "Parting Tour" (1992), "To See Paris And Die" (1992), "Chicha" (1992), "The Window To Paris" (1993), "A Fire-Marksman" (1994), "A Moslem" (1995), "Fateful Eggs" (1995), "Exercise ¹5" (1995, and as part of "The Arrival of A Train", cinema-almanac), "The American" (1997), "Waiting Room" (1998), "Three women and a man", serial (1998), "Barrack" (1999), "The Woman Property"(1999), "Quadrille(A Dance with Partner Exchange)" (1999), "The Follower" (1999), "The Strastnoi Avenue" (1999).

Among the play-pieces where Nina performed are "Washington Street, 36, 2nd floor, apt. 8", "Columbine", "Wait A Minute, man!", "Quadrille".

Critics consider that the role of Mother in the film of Victor Khotinenko "A Moslem" (1995) is real achievement of Nina Usatova. For it, Nina was awarded Russian national prize "Nika-95". Her second Nika the actress got for performance in the film of Valeriy Ogorodnikov, "Barrack".

Being in her 8th grade of secondary school Nina Usatova knew she would be an actress. Nina played while in school-plays, and did not miss no film that on the week-ends was brought to the halt station where she lived. "I was shy but understood one can bring to the screen all that torments him", actress stated in one of her interviews.

For five years Nina was applying to the Schukinskoye College that is part of the Vakhtangovskiy Theatre. Hope that everything will go right was supporting her. After 5 years she was admitted to the college, but to the Department of Cinema Production.

Her professional practice Nina accomplished in the town of Kotlas that is in the Arkhangelsk region. There, she played twelve roles in the local theatre. Meanwhile, the Youth Theatre was open in Leningrad and the actress departed for that place.

In the cinema Nina Usatova started to work at a rather mature age, when 28-years-old. Nina got known in the cinema after "The Cold Summer of 53…" film, though she took part in eight movies before. After "The Cold Summer…" the actress was invited to film casts rather often, to act in both big and small roles.

Since 1989 Nina Usatova has been working in the Big Academic Drama Theatre of G. A. Tovstonogov.

Nina is married; her husband is a teacher of French and German languages. Their son, Nikolai, is a school boy; he studies at the Musical college-school as well, where he studies clarinet play.

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