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Praudin Anatoly Arkadievich

   Born on April, 24, 1961, in Riga.
   His grandfather Boris Indrikovich Praudin was the director, the honoured artist of Chuvash republik and the honored artist of Latvia.
   His grandmother Elvira Ansovna Kromberg was the honoured artist of Latvia. His mother Raina Borisovna Praudina is the national actress of Latvia. His father Arcady Fridrihovich Kats is the national actor of Latvia. His wife Natalia Skorokhod is a playwright, the author of many plays.
   Anatoly Praudin graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. Then he worked at drama theatre in Vladimir, then in Sverdlovsk in the Theatre of Young Spectator. His play "The absent-minded" (S.J. Marshak) got the Grand prix and the diploma of UNESCO at the festival in Greece (1992), the All-Russian prize for the best performance of a season (1992-1993) in Moscow, and was also called the best foreign performance of a year on the festival in Warsaw (1994). In 1991 he became the winner of the State Premium for the play "Through the Looking Glass". Worked in theatres in Riga, Odessa, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Amsterdam. In 1993-1996 staged the plays "Russian drama", "Trouble from mind" and "My poor Marat" in Petersburg Alexandrinsky Theatre. In 1996 became the art director of Saint-Petersburg Theatre of Young Spectators, where he staged two plays: "The late demon" and "Konyok-Gorbunok". In June 1998 he was removed from a post of the art director of the Theatre of Young Spectators. Then Anatoly Praudin together with a part of his troupe created "the Experimental stage" in the theatre "The Baltic house". The premiere of the first play "Crocodile" (on K. Chukovskiy's fairy tale) took place in November, 1999. Then he staged performances "Sisyphus and a stone" (May, 2000) and "The first lesson. Sunday" (June, 2001).

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