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Tamara Moskvina

   Tamara Moskvina was born in the 26th of June in 1941 years in Leningrad (St.Petersburg). She graduated from music school of Rimsky-Korsakov in 1958 year.
   Also Tamara Moskvina graduated from the Lesgaft's Institute of physical education in 1962 and postgraduate study in 1970. She is the Doctor of pedagogic sciences, the renowned master sportsman, the renowned coach of the Soviet Union and Russia, the renowned person involved in the arts of Russian Federation. Moskvina is the champion of singles figure skating of the Soviet Union for 5 times during 1962-1966 years. Famous couch is also the champion of pairs' ice-skating (with A.Mishin and A.Gavrilov) of the Soviet Union for 2 times. Moskvina was the participant of the Olympic Games of 1968, prepared 8 champions of the Olympic Games. She was awarded with the order of Working Red flag (1984), with the order of People's Friendship (1968), "For the services to Russia" III degree.
    Moskvina is the member of coach's commission of International Union of speed skaters. Moskvina got married to Moskvin Igor Borisovich. She has two daughters: Olga and Anna. Fame came to Moskvina when she was a partner of A.Mishin (also the famous Russian coach). For almost 30 years of coach's working Moskvina has trained a lot of famous figure skating:

  • N.Mishkutenok and A.Dmitriev: gold medals in the Olympic Games-1992, silver medals in the Olympic Games-1994, the World's champions - 1991-92, the Europe's champions - 1991-92
  • E.Valova and O.Vasil'ev: gold medals in the Olympic Games-1984, silver medals in the Olympic Games-1988, the World's champions - 1983,85,88; the Europe's champions - 1984-86
  • O.Kazakova and A.Dmitriev: gold medals in the Olympic Games-1998, the Europe's champions - 1996
  • E.Berezhnay and A.Siharulidze: silver medals in the Olympic Games - 1998, the World's champions - 1998, 2001; gold medals in the Olympic Games - 2002
  • I.Vorob'eva and I.Lisovskiy: the World's champions - 1981; the Europe's champions - 1981
  • I.Vorob'eva and A.Vlasov: the World's champions - 1977; Europe's champions - 1977, 79.
  • E.Bechke and D.Petrov: silver medals in the Olympic Games - 1992; bronze medals in the World's championship - 1989; the Europe's champions - 1991-92.
  • E.Bechke and V.Kornienko: bronze medals in the championship of Europe - 1986.

   Moskvina is the author of many books about figure skating. She conceders the real competition must be in the group because it is the best incentive for development. Moskvina is sure that all in figure skating must be harmonious: the costume, the music and the programmer. She is very strict with her followers. Moskvina's teachers are S.Zhuk, T.Tarasova and E.Chaykovskaya. T. Moskvina knows all: what programmers will be favorite for spectators, proper behavior for her followers and for herself. Moskvina is also an agent of her followers. She takes part in all negotiations about different competitions, about trainings.
   Moskvina does not like to speak about her person life: and nobody knows that she has firm character, but she is also a loving wife and grandmother.

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