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Yusupov Erzhan Sagimbekovich

   Philologist, historian, veteran of the St. Petersburg Suvorov's Union (an officers' association), Chairman of the "Konstantinian Leisure" society.
   Born on February 28, 1934. In October 1997 he was elected Chairman of a historical cultural society named "Konstantinian Leisure" in memory of prince Konstantin Romanov, an important Russian poet and supporter of culture. The society is an association of museum and archive workers, librarians and artists, striving to preserve Russia's cultural heritage and carry it on.
   E.S. Yusupov had by that time already graduated from Suvorov's Military School, a military academy and two humanities faculties. He has served in the army, worked in museums, taught at the Eastern Languages Faculty.
   Mr. Yusupov has written a book about St. Petersburg and its University, which he considers to be his spiritual home. His work on the first Russian wireless telegraph and telephone factory (1908-18), based on previously unknown original sources, is valued by science historians.
   However, he considers Eastern languages to be his main area of expertise. He has dedicated a great amount of work to studying early Malaysian literature, that he had begun as a student.
   Yusupov has been an active member of Suvorov's Union's. He has participated in international cadets' meetings in Russia, the U.S. and Venezuela.
   He continues to explore prince K. Romanov's many-sided cultural heritage. In August and September, 1998 the Konstantinian society has organized lectures, concerts, guided tours and radio programs commemorating the poet's 140th birthday. The program was concluded by a scholarly conference, directed by Mr. Yusupov.
   E.S. Yusupov believes that one cannot leave Russia's revival to its politicians. It is a process that everyone has to participate in.

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