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Yakovlev Vladimir Petrovich

   Candidate's Degree in History, professor. Author of 30 scientific works and 11 scientific film scripts.
   Born on June 1, 1938. Stayed in Leningrad during the city's siege. Graduated from the Leningrad State University's Historical Faculty in 1966.
   Worked as Deputy Dean of the Historical Faculty and Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education for Humanities Lecturers.
   From 1985 until 1993 he has been Principal of the Leningrad State Theatre, Music and Cinema Institute. (In 1992 it has been renamed the St. Petersburg State Academy of Drama).
   In February 1993 he has been appointed St. Petersburg Mayor's Deputy in charge of the sciences, education and culture.
   In October 1993 V.P. Yakovlev has headed the Culture and Tourism Committee.
   In March 1994 he became the member of St. Petersburg Government.
   In July 1996 he became Vice Governor and Chairman of the Culture Committee.
   V.P. Yakovlev has been awarded a medal for the cultivation of Russia's once-virgin territorries.
   Married. Has a son.

   This information has been provided by Vice Governor V.P.Yakovlev's Apparatus.

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