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Veniaminov Viktor Nikolaevich

    Rector of the International Banking Institute, member (academician) of the International Academy of Higher Education Studies, of the International Academy of Informatics, of the Russian Academy of Business and Enterprise, a Doctor of Philosophy, a Candidate of Technical Sciences, a professor.
    Born in 1935.
    After graduating from the Military Communications Engineering Academy in 1959 he has served at various engineering positions in the military forces. From 1966 to 1991 he has been working at the Military Communications Academy and at the Leningrad Higher Military Communications Engineering School, beginning as a laboratory chief and ending up as Deputy Chief (Prorector) in charge of scientific and educational work.
    V.N. Veniaminov's scientific and pedagogical activities have been highly varied. He has authored over 170 science research works, essays, textbooks, educational aids, articles on issues of communications and management, on the electronic element base of communication devices and on automated management systems, on pedagogics and higher school management, on issues of professional training of commercial banking specialists, on problems of small business and on other matters.
    V.N. Veniaminov's theoretical and practical contributions to the creation and development of a private sector in Russia's higher education system is especially important. In 1991 he has created and headed one of the first private higher education institutions in Russia, the International Banking Institute (IBI). According to many authoritative independent experts both in Russia and abroad, the IBI is one of the best private higher schools in Russia. The Institute has state accreditation. It is also accredited by such prestigious world organizations as the European Banking Training Network (EBTN), the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) and the Belgian Banking Academy.
    The International Banking Institute was one of the first private colleges in Russia to become a collective member of the International Academy of Higher Education Studies. It is the only higher school in Russia that has been honoured with a membership in the European Banking Training Network (EBTN) and in the International Association of Computerized Education in Banking and Finance (IFCEB).
    V.N. Veniaminov was able to form a highly qualified, initiative team of managers and educators in his institute. He created an original, superbly computerized and Internet-capable resource of educational materials with several practical simulation training centres, allowing effective application of today's most advanced educational programs and technologies.
    During the course of his work at the IBI, Mr. Veniaminov has been trained at the banking institutes and academies of the U.S., France, Belgium and Luxemburg.
    V.N. Veniaminov has always been actively involved in social educational projects. He has been President of St. Petersburg's Association of Private Higher Schools and Vice President of its national equivalent for several years. He is also a member of the Presidium of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg Colleges, a member of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg branch of the International Academy of Higher Education Studies, of the Council of the House of City Auditors, of the Council of the European Banking Training Network, of the Consulting Council under St. Petersburg's Governor, of various scholarly councils at educational institutions both in Russia and outside it.
    From 1990 to 1993 V.N. Veniaminov has been a deputy and a member of St. Petersburg's City Council.
    He is the honourary Consul of the Great Duchy of Luxemburg to the cities of St. Petersburg and Great Novgorod.
    V.N. Veniaminov has received 12 orders and medals. In 1999 the American Biographical Society has awarded him a personalized prize "for an outstanding contribution to the development of private higher education".

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