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Panchenko, Alexsander Mikhailovich

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science.
    Born February 25,1937 in Leningrad into the family of researchers of the Russian Literature Institute, part of the USSR Academy of Science (the Pushkin House).
    Entered the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University, where simultaneously took two courses- Czech and Russian.
    In 1957 entered Carlov University (Czechoslovakia), from which he graduated in 1958 and then took his post- graduate studies at the Leningrad Literature Institute of Russia.
    Worked as a researcher at the Leningrad Literature Institute, and managed the department, which focused on the Literature of XVIII century and became Head of the Modern Russian Literature Department.
    In 1964 defended his candidate dissertation on the Czech-Russian Literary connections in XVIII century.
    In 1973 defended his doctoral dissertation on the Russian poetic culture of XVII century.
    Author of some scientific works on the problems concerning Ancient Russian Literature ("The Humorous World of Ancient Russia" in co-authorship with the academician Likhachyov D.S. in 1976), concerning Russian culture of XVIII century ("Russian culture in the Eve of Peter's Reforms", 1984, "Candle was not going out", written in co-authorship with Gumilyov L.N.).
    Has written a wide range of works concerning difficult and composite questions of History, Literature, Culture.
    Studied archeogeology collected Russian ancient manuscripts.
    Most books and articles have been translated in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, England, Germany and Japan.
    Has been teaching at Institutes and Universities of St.Petersburg and Europe.
    Writer of historical literary films and television programmes.
    Member of Scientific Councils of the Russian Literature Institute, of St.Petersburg State University and of the Russian Herzen Pedagogical University.
    Winner of the State Prize of Russia (1995).
    Married with son.

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