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Nikolsky, Boris Nikolayevich

Chief editor of the "Neva" magazine.
    Born October 9, 1931 in Leningrad.
    Graduated from the Moscow Gorky Institute of Literature. Having graduated from the Institute and after his service in the army he worked for the "Kostyor" and "Avrora" magazines.
    Became the Chief Editor of the "Neva" magazine.
    Started publishing his works in the "Smena" magazine.
    The author of more than 20 prose books for children ("The Army Alphabet", "Adventures of Ordinary Bashmakov", "Funny Soldier's stories") and for adults 9 I'm Waiting and Hope, Storage Formula, White Balls, Black Balls).
    People's USSR Deputy of 58th Smolny district in Leningrad.
    Vice-president of the USSR Supreme Council on Glastnost.
    Awarded the Order of People's Friendship and the "Sign of Honour"Order.
    His twin-brother is Nikolsky N. M., an Academician of the Russian Academy of Science.
    Married with son.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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