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Vetlugin Sergei Yuriyevich

The vice-governor of St. Petersburg, chairman of the Committee for Economic Policy, Industrial Development and Trade of the St. Petersburg Administration; member of St. Petersburg's city hall.

S. Yu. Vetlugin was born on December 1, 1955 in Murmansk. He graduated from the Leningrad engineering construction institute with a specialty of "engineer-mechanic" (1978), the Leningrad Higher party school (1991).

He worked in the "Lenotdelstroi" trust, was engaged in the komsomol and party work. Since 1991 he is deputy chief of the Leninsky district administration, after some time he works in the Committee of Management of the City Economy and the Committee of Energy and Engineering Provision of St. Petersburg's Administration.

In June 2001 he was appointed the vice-governor of St. Petersburg.

S. Yu. Vetlugin is candidate of economic sciences.

He was elected the deputy of the Leninsky raisovet.

S. Yu. Vetlugin was awarded the signs of the "Honored builder of Russia", "Honored worker of the municipal economy of Russia", the Honors of Russia's Gosstroi.

He has a wife and a daughter.

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