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Poltavchenko, Georgy Sergeevich

Head of the Russian Federation's Tax Police in St.Petersburg.
    Born February 23,1953 in Baku.
    Graduated in Aerospace Medical Appliances from the Leningrad Aircraft Instrument-making Institute.
    Participated in the construction of the Kama Car factory (1979).
    Worked in the Scientific- industrial Association "Leninets", was a Komsomol Leader at the Nevsky Komsomol Committee.
    In 1979 was called to work for KGB.
    Finished the Superior KGB School in Minsk.
    Participated in the security control of the Olympic Games in Moscow (1980).
    Since 1980 has been working for in the USSR KGB Head Quarters in Leningrad oblast. His last post was Chief of the Russian Head Quarters Security Department in Vyborg, Leningrad oblast.
    Since October 1992, has been the first Tax Police officer and the first Chief of Tax Police HQ.
    Deputy of the Leningrad Council (1990- 1993).
    General-lieutenant of the Tax Police.
    President of the St.Petersburg Basketball Federation.
    Married with son.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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