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Metelev Nikolai Ivanovich

   Director of Tourism, Culture and International Relations of Pushkin administrative district.
   N. I. Metelev was born on September 27, 1947 in Kustanaj region. His parents were farmers. His father was killed during the World War II. From 1960 until 1963 he had served in the military. After his demobilization he was accepted to the Leningrad Higher Education School. After graduation he had been working at various social and cultural institutions of Pushkin and Pavlovsk. Since 1988 he holds the post of the director of Culture and Tourism. He manages over 25 cultural institutions, among which there are libraries, music and art schools, museums, cinema houses, a choir, and the fund of the cultural developments.
   In 1992 he has founded the Cultural Committee, which includes 35 representatives from numerous cultural organizations, and which plans and coordinates the cultural life and artistic events in Tsarskoe Selo. From 1989 until 1993 he was the initiator and director of the district street festivals. In these years he has registered his own television company under the name "Sophia", which broadcasts programs about St. Petersburg State University and the television series "Meetings with Academic D.S. Lihachyov." Since 1993 in conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Culture he has been organizing country-wide festivals "The Assembly of Small Russian Towns", and the international festival of sister-cities "The City of the Muses". In 1995 the latter became the annual Tsarskosel'skij Carnival and was officially accepted by the International Association of European Carnival Cities (FECC). In October of 1995 he initiated the Tsarskosel'skij Fund of Cultural Development, which during the five-year period of its work became an internationally acknowledged artistic studio. The third major project is the annual festival "Tsarskosel'skij Autumn", which takes place in October. Presently N. I. Metelev and his administration work on anniversary celebrations of A. S. Pushkin. In May of 1998 he participated in the Days of Russian Culture on the island of Crete.
   On July 26, 1994 he received the title of a Distinguished Cultural Worker of Russian Federation from the Presidential Administration. Since 1998 he is the member of the Russian National Committee of Carnivals.

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