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Zelenskaya Natalia Viktorovna

President of the Neva Club of Petersburg Business Women since 1999. President of the Associative IFBPW (the International Federation of Business and Professional Women) since the same year. President of KOMPO (Combined surfacing) since 1990. Candidate of technical sciences, lecturer. Has scientific works. In 1990 started new business together with Israel company Extra Comfort: computer tests of feet with individual selection of orthopedic insoles. Organized charity evening "Children and Parents against Cancer". Participated in international forums, congresses, seminars of BPW international movement. Has been holding theatrical and literature meetings with writers, poets, actors, musicians.

In 2001 organized a branch of BPW in Novgorod based on the female St. Sophia Club. Since 1994 has been holding traditional international conferences "Shock Waves in Condensed Matter", which are very popular among scientists from all countries.

In her social work realized the program "Equal Rights - Equal Opportunities", which includes conferences, training of women new technologies and participation in city's life. The Club is a part of the Women of St. Petersburg Association. In September-October 2002 an international congress of Baltic countries dedicated to equality of women in business world is planned to be held.

Has a daughter, son-in-law and a grand-daughter Nastya. Languages: German, English.

Hobbies: mountain skiing, travelling, car.

Address: 193144, St. Petersburg, box 275 Tel/fax: (812)2717762, e-mail: Nzelenskaia@mail.ru, www.stopa.ru

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