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Orlova, Valentina Trofimovna

    Chairman of the board of the World St. Petersburgians Club.
    She was born in May 5th, 1946 in the serviceman`s family.
    She graduated from the State Laningrad Institute of Culture, named after N.Krupskaya, Librarianship department.She has become the chairman of the board of the World St. Petersburgians Club since it was founded. Valentina Orlova is also the chairman of editorial board of the publishing project work " Library of the World St. Petersburgians Club". She is the official representative of the club in the Public Chamber and among the President`sRepresentative in St. Petersburg. She is the chairman of organizational committee of the International Contest " Zvezda Prometeya". Valentina Orlova is the member of organizational committee of the annual city regional pupils` readings.
    She is interested in psychology, history, literature, painting, classical music. She became the member of the club in 1991. " By the will of fate that I and my generation survived very hard time: general stagnation, perestroyka, the reformation period. In the most difficult situations in my life the books supported me very much. But I have always been interested in people, their natures and deeds. I worked as the librarian, engineer of information department, teacher in the Institute, lecturer i the Society "" Znanie". And all these professions became the very good experience and foundation of my activity now. Communication with people is what I am living for".

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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