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Makarov Evgenij Ivanovich

   President of the Worker Union Federation in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg vicinities
   E. I. Makarov is a member of the Action Committee of the Federation of Independent Workers' Unions of Russia (FNPR) and the president of the Association of regional worker union of the North-Western economical region. He is also is the coordinator of FNPR foreign relations.
   Workers' Union Federation of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg vicinities is one of the most action-oriented and competent organizations in Russia. It unites over a million workers from 42 worker unions, which range from the largest union of educational workers, which contains over 300 thousand members, to the relatively small union of private security and detective workers. The 1991 election of E. I. Makarov to the position of the president of the Federation marked a new stage in the development of the Federation. Reforms introduced by him while at this post led to formation of a real democracy and the Federation's independence, as well as brought up a new line of principles, which responded to the quests of the constantly changing economy. The most important contribution of E. I. Makarov is the establishment and development of social partnership with various employment organizations and the city's government. The policy of partnership had justified itself during the crisis years during the formation of the state. It was applied in the post-war Germany and still is very popular in Scandinavia. The first agreement between worker union and the government was achieved in St. Petersburg in 1992. Ever since that time this partnership was strengthened as the factor of economical, social, and political stability. The Federation of Workers' Unions of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg vicinities is the only public organization in Russia that analyzes the social and political conditions in the country from the the workers' point of view. The results of this monitoring are published monthly and are open to the public view. The Federation familiarizes deputies, employers, and the government authorities with the results of its analysis. Strikes and negotiations conducted by the Federation unite thousands of workers and are the most numerous in the country during the past few years. The workers' union of St.Petersburg is a very competent and economically stable organization. It possesses quite a bit of property, including many cultural institutions and various enterprises.
   E. I. Makarov is the chairman of the directors' committee of the "Derzhavnyj" financial union, which is one of the largest investment funds in North-Western region. He is also a member of its Trustee Committee and the professor of the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of the Workers' Union.
   He was born on December 20, 1955 in Romania in a family of military officer. After graduation from Groznyj secondary school he was accepted to the Leningrad Shipbuilding College. After receiving his higher education diploma in submarine engineering he was employed by the construction enterprise "Almaz." He has managed various workers' union organizations concurrently with his professional work. Twice he was elected as the president of the Federation of the Workers' Unions of St. Petersburg.

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