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Vikhorev Valentin Ivanovich

   Valentin Vikhorev was born in 1931 in Leningrad, survived the blockade. In 1949 he graduated from a vocational school. From 1951 to 1956 he served in Soviet troops in Eastern Germany. He worked as a tool-maker, IBM-operator at the association "Svetlana". Since late sixties he held a post of the head of a pioneer-camp.
   In 1975 he participated at The World Youth Festival in Moscow. In 1960 he was one of the skin-diver section founders at the research institute, where he worked. In 1963 he took part in the scientific expedition of the Zoological Institute to South Sakhalin as an underwater photo- and camera-man. Among the hobbies of Valentin Vikhorev there are hiking, mountaineering and mountain-skiing. From 1987 he has been a mountain-skiing trainer.
   He began to compose songs in 1959. From the sixties he has been participating in festivals. He is a prize-winner of the amateur song competitions of the 1st and the 3rd All-Union gatherings of hike-winners in 1965 and 1967. He is a member of Saint-Petersburg song club "Vostok" since its foundation. In 1996 he has become an honorary guest of the "Grushinsky" festival.
   Valentin Vikhorev is well-known among the tourist's song-lovers in Russia and abroad. From 1988 he released several compilations of his songs, since 1997 he has published three books of his poems and songs with his own illustrations. Though he had been painting for a long time, he became recognized as a graphic artist only after he had illustrated the books of his friends and bards V.Glazanov, M.Ckuckulevich, V.Shabanov and others. His artistic and musical works are full of harmony, sincerity and wisdom.
   In 2000 Valentin Vikhorev had his first personal exhibition. He appears on the consert-stages of Saint Petersburg and other cities.
   You can acquaint yourself with some of his songs at the site www.skala.al.ru .

   The material was prepared by the Levitans.

   Photo-portrait by M.Shishmarev (Saint-Petersburg)

   Valentin Vikhorev's photoalbum

   Valentin Vikhorev's drawings

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