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Popov Alexandr Georgievich

A.G. Popov was born in 1957. Physician by education, A.G. Popov started to learn composition considerably late, at a Seminar of the self-made composers adjoint to the Union of Composers, particularly composition skill from A. Pustylnik of which he had continuation at the Department of Composition of the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Professor A.D. Mnatsakanyan class, where from he graduated in 1988. Alexandr Popov is board member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers, Chairman of its symphonic, chamber and choir music Section.

The music creation goal A. Popov sees in time's perception modification, in making feel its un-monotonic character by dilating, condensing, stopping and emotionally enriching of moments. "His manner to consider musical Universe as a supra-sound material, to find the latter from everywhere underlines in Popov that inner freedom and security, which testifies by itself the degree of the gift and his abilities of a master", such was commendation for him from "Commercant Daily" Russian newspaper.

Among Popov's works are compositions of complex form: Sinfonia brevis, Concert for flute with an orchestra; chamber music ("Requiem" for solists of ancient instruments ensemble, for pianno with metrenom; Sinfonia da camera in the memory of G. Freskobaldi); his "Theory of Effects" for chamber orchestra, "A Tree"- composition for six French horns; Concert-passion for a French horn, an organ and percussions; "Moyra"-composition for flute, triangle and bells; a forte-piano quintet and forte-piano sonatas; his numerous compositions for a vocal with solo instruments for various ensembles ("Omega"-chamber cantata for counter-tenor and eight performers).

Lately A. Popov has been cooperating with European cultural channel, ZDF/ARTE; as a result he has realized musical reconstruction for the following non-voice movies: "Earth" (1930, A. Dovzhenko - producer), "Johan" (1921, M. Stiller - producer). He is the author of music to V. Kosakovsky films - "Wednesday", "I loved You".

Among Alexandr Popov works' performers are famous Russian and foreign solists and chamber music groups - T. Melentyeva, N. Lee, M. Philippova, V. Buyanovsky, S. Tzes, the solists of Mariinsky Theatre ensemble, the Boston University ensemble of modern music conducted by T. Antonioy (USA), the ensemble of German musicians (F. Shtrobel - conductor), P.Davin (Belgium), as well as are Russian Conductors - A. Titov, A. Shteilukht, A. Polyanichko.

The music of A. Popov is present in the international festivals of modern music held in Austria, Germany, England, Sweden, S. Korea, USA, Russia.

And if we have already spoken of St. Petersburg culture elan then I shall mention recently performed "Requiem" of A. Popov, which is one of the most distinguished creativities of recent times", was the opinion on Alexandr Popov of another re-known Russian composer, Andrei Petrov.

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