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Petrova Olga Andreyevna

"Any proclivity towards intricate moments is not in the nature of Olga Petrova, heart warmth and search of harmonic forms are close to herů"
(From after-the-concert annotations )

"One of the best merits of "Winnie-the-Pooh" opera is that it belongs to "bon gout". The music of Petrova fully corresponds to the book's characters world. The music is both warm and touching. Elements of modern pop music were tactfully used in the opera what makes it vivid and understandable for the modern child ear. The composer also employs pure comedy methods, sometimes merrily reminding to its adult listeners the famous operas' motives".
(a review on "Winnie-the-Pooh" opera performed in the city of Perm, Russia)

Composer Olga Andreyevna Petrova is member of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers. Olga Petrova was born in Leningrad, into the family of musicians. In 1979 she graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory on the composition class of Professor B.I. Tischenko. Being at her second year of studies in the Conservatory, Olga wrote a chamber cantata which under the name of "Source" and from it Olga Andreyevna marks off her as a composer maturity. Petrova works under different genres : she creates music for theatre (mostly, it is for chidren's theatre, thus her operas - "Khorton the Elephant is waiting for a bird", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "The navet"; and ballet "An Ugly Duck-kid"). These works, written on O. Tsekhovitser librettos, have lucky destiny, both in performance and editing. "Winnie-the-Pooh" for example is staged in six different opera theatres and is a big success in "Zazerkalye" -- one of the Russian best musical theatres for children.

Petrova writes big compositions for orchestra: hers are three symphonies plus concerts for instruments and orchestra.

But, and Petrova has confessed it, the author is inclined to vocal music, where various capacities of voice can be utilized. Such, in the framework of the voice's solo variant usage, by Petrova were created vocal series :"Russian songs" and "Lullabies" and, unitied with instruments ensemble and sometimes even with orchestra, chamber cantatas "My Window" and "It's good to walk on a Sky while reading Aronzon aloud", grand-miniature "Sweet peas", poem "The fauna is romping in the flora". That inclination towards a vocal had its influence on peculiarity of Petrova symphonies: the two of them (of 1985 and of 1989) were written for the vocal-orchestra staff (consisting of a solo voice, a choir and a orchestra). O.A. Petrova addresses to the writings of such poets as A. Akhmatova, O. Mandelshtam, Y. Volkov, T. Wilde.

Among the Petrova compositions a special part occupies children's music: various instrumental ensembles, music for performances with dolls. Olga Petrova is constant member of "The Composers of Russia To Children" children festival that is annually held by the Russian Union of Composers.

Having her father's heritage (her father was master of national musical cinema), Olga Petrova as well creates actively in cinema music genre. Thus she wrote the music to eight movies and two series (this is together with A. Petrov), the latter are "The St. Petersburg Mysteries" and "Salomea". Long creative partnership links Petrova with famous Norwegian film producer K.E. Yensen. The composer is also author of music to 17 drama and TV performances, musicls. Among them are "Kalif - The Stork", "Captain's Daughter"; the latter was written together with A. Petrov, after A. Aronheim's English language libretto. The musical "Captain's Daughter" is to be staged in October this year, in Boston, USA.

All in all, the performances on Petrova music has been long time a success since staged in the theatres of St. Petersburg - the Musical Comedy Theatre, the Lensoveta Theatre, the Dolls' Theatre.

Olga Petrova works are included into the programs of international festivals held both in Russia and in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Perm, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, and abroad - in USA, Germany, Hungary, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and CIS countries.

Photo album of Petrova, Olga Andreyevna

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