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Volodin Alexander Moiseevich

   Dramatist, poet.
   Alexander Volodin was born in 1919 in Minsk. On leaving school and taking short-time courses he began to work as a teacher at a village school. During the Great Patriotic War he was a signaller, a field engineer, took part in the battles on the Western and Belorussian fronts. After the war he graduated from the faculty of script writers of All-Russian State Cinematography Institute. He held a post of an editor at "Leningrad Scientific Film" and "Leningrad Film". In the fifties he began to write short novels and plays. His first play "Factory Girl" (1955) succeeded in the theatres of Moscow, Leningrad and other cities of our country and abroad. His following plays were put on the stage by famous directors , such as Tovstonogov, Yefremov, Mikhalkov and Danelia. After his plays and scripts famous films were shot with the participation of outstanding actors, such as Leonov, Smocktunovsky, Yevstigneev and Basilashvili and many others. Film "Autumn marathon", produced by the director G.Danelia, won the first prize at the International Film Festival at San Sebastian.
   Died on December 16, 2001, on 83d year of his life.

   Alexander Volodin's photo album

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