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Uflyand Vladimir Iosifovich

   Born in 1937 in Leningrad.
   Relocated to Lower Tagil during the war, later graduated from a high school in Leningrad, worked on a factory, served in the army in the Pechenga area. Studied at the Historical Faculty of the Leningrad University for two years, worked at various jobs (worker of a boiling station, stage worker, employee of the Hermitage Museum, worker of the Geographical Society, etc.).
   In 1964 he participated in the first underground exhibition of artists working at the Hermitage, together with Mikhail Shemyakin, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Oleg Lyagachev and Valery Kravchenko.
   His first poetry collecion titled "Texts" was published in the U.S. by Ardis Publishers in 1978. Three books of his poetry were published in Russia: "Versified Texts", St. Petersburg 1993; "Selected Texts", Moscow 1995; "Rhymed and ordered texts", St. Petersburg, Blitz Publishers, 1997.
   He has also written poetry for children (Kostyor magazine, 1968-76) and children's theatres (verses for "The Wizard of Oz" libretto, the libretto for a tale by Janusz Korczak, the libretto for "Aibolit of Petrogradskaya").
   He has written poetry for musical theatre, cinema and TV and translated movies.
   He presently lives in St. Petersburg, is a member of the local PEN Club and the city's Writers' Union.
   Literary critics consider him a follower on the "philological" school (Literary Review magazine), or, in some cases, rank him among "Mikhail Krasilnikov's Circle" (the Samizdat anthology "Summary of the Century") together with Sergei Kulle (1936-84), Aleksander Kondratov (1937-93), Mikhail Eremin, Leonid Vinogradov and Lev Losev.
   Vladimir I. Uflyand's publications:
- "Anticipation in Detail", prose, Paris, Amga Publishers, 1990
- collections of poetry in Echo and Continent magazines (Paris, 1975-89)
- Zvezda (St. Petersburg) and Znamya (Moscow, 1999-2000)
- prose and poetry in the Petropol (St. Petersburg), Panorama (Los Angeles) and the Russian-language periodicals of the U.S., France and Russia

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