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Aleksandr Pokrovskiy

Aleksandr Pokrovskiy was born into the family of electrician, in Baku, on November 27, 1952.

In 1970 he entered the Kaspiysk Higher Naval College of S. M. Kirov for the Department of Chemistry where from he graduated in 1975. After that, A. Pokrovskiy served in the Northern Navy where A. Pokrovskiy finally got position on a submarine. Later, he received a transfer to St. Petersburg, to the First Institute, where he served till 1991.

Now Aleksandr Pokrovskiy is a writer. Among his books are: "Merlezon Ballet", "To Execute", "To Execute-2", "Hippopotamus", "72 meters", "A Cabin", "Cat".

In his works, A. Pokrovskiy uses the so-called "navy language". By him, hundreds of new words were invented. Some critics say the genre of his writing can not be recognized by times. Than, it must be a new genre, coming from the author's style itself ("A Cabin").

His work "Cat" is accompanied by 216 drawings which the author himself did in two days only. This is not to say about Aleksandr Pokrovskiy verses inside "Cat".

According to his friends, A. Pokrovskiy wrote his first story "Naida" in 1983 and, all in all, more than a thousand stories and pieces were written by him.

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