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Boris Alexandrovich Orlov

He is a writer and principal editor of "Morskaya Gazeta" (a magazine).

B. A. Orlov was born on March 7, 1955, in the village of Zhivetyevo, Breitovskiy district of the Yaroslavskiy region. He graduated from the Leningrad Higher Martial College of F. E. Dzerzhinskiy (1977) and the Moscow Literary Institute of Maxim Gorkiy (1985).

B. A. Orlov was on service in the Russian North Navy, serving on atomic submarine. He also was department chief of Central Martial Museum. Since 1933 he has been principal editor of "Morskaya Gazeta". By his military rank he is captain.

Since 1972 he has been publishing his literary work. He is the author of 12 poems.

He is also secretary of Russian Union of Writers, Board member of the St. Petersburg section of the Russian Union of Writers. He is active member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He is the Laureate of literary prizes of: (a) K. Simonov; (b) V. Pikul; (c) "Golden Dagger".

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